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NEW Home

September 25th, 2016

I started reading a new book last night and I love it. It's called Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. It's a very fast read which always is nice and it's done in plain language easy to understand and not have to think too much. As usually I find my reading time late at night and don't have a lot of brain power left.

Three weeks ago we moved into a new home. New studio! YAY. Trouble is that I got sick the day before our move and am still feeling a bit not right. I am so excited to set up shop and start creating in my new studio and it's driving me nuts to have to just sit. Patience is not one of my strong points so pray for me. LOL
I am going to work more on my designer dog series and really push for some new ideas and breeds. There is just something comforting about our pets and why not bring them into the full color of their personalities.
I'm also going to start working on a series of paintings, well one at a time, but I want to do some work with children. Both working on social issues that effect them and just the cute moments that we cherish.
In between those new projects I am going to finish up my latest mermaid, painting with the universe done in bright colors. It's turning out to be totally different than I had first planned but I am finding the new direction exciting and am going to keep pushing myself beyond my comfort levels.
So lots to do but first more rest and planning, which always goes into a new direction.

Jackie Carpenter Artist at JRCarMax Studios

September 16th, 2013

Jackie Carpenter Artist at JRCarMax Studios

Every Summer has a story, mine was more like a novel. It's coming to an end this week and I've only finished one painting. A painting called Riding Grandma's Bike. I love the way it turned out and it was a lot of fun doing, but that was all the time I had to paint this summer. I've missed being in my studio.
I flew to Ohio in Mid July to start working in my studio there, but after just one week I received a call that my mother had been found in a coma in her home. I flew back to Utah the next morning and stayed with her during her 9 day hospital stay. Doctors discovered that she had advanced pancreatic cancer and only had 2-3 months to live. So I moved in to be her caregiver and help my father out as well. We got set up with Hospice a wonderful organization that helps those who have less than a year to live. We had all the things we would need brought in a Hospital bed and all the extras to make her comfortable. I cared for her night and day along with my sister in-law, and those were precious moments for me now. Mom lasted only 6 days after coming home from the hospital. It was a whirl wind.
I've taken what was left of the month of August and the past 2 weeks of September to try and get my head around all that happened so quickly and to spend some time grieving. I hope to begin to painting tomorrow. I'm not promising how much work I'll get done, or what type I will be doing. I'm thinking it will be very emotional work. This hurt is so deep it still feels like a knife to the chest. I miss her dearly everyday.
My mother was suffering from Alzheimer's as well as the cancer and I will continue to donate all profits to the Alzheimer's Assoc. on the sale of her favorite painting "Helping Hands" by me Jackie Carpenter. Thanks for your patience with me. Please stop and buy a print so we can stop these horrible illnesses.